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Above Picture

1. Black Rock Art Ranch (upper left corner.)

2. Main Caldera Road 1.2 km from Ranch

3. Parking Area, do not block gate or they will tow your car. From here you continue on foot.  If you have a 4 wheel drive high center car you can drive to 4.  

4. Just across the suspension bridge, a right turn takes you to Bajo Mendo.  Left up a hill, very rough and slippery.

5. Small gate and path to hot springs.  The google maps line shows it as a road, it is not a road, but a path.

6. The Hot Springs, see detailed map below

Above Picture

1 Path into the springs, the solid line is not accurate.

2 Check point across from the house. Wait here for a minute to see if someone comes to collect your money. It is $2 per perosn to go to springs 3 and 5 and  $5 per person to go to the private pools

3. The spring I go to first about 103 degrees.

4. There is warmish water beside the river

5  A very pretty spring about 105 degrees.

6 The private pools, water is piped in. They are close to the river.