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Road from/to Caldera

Trecel Station


Estadio Bracy is a softball stadium

Road to/from Bocas del Toro

The Canyon in Gualaca is a lot of fun to visit. The map below shows its location in Gualaca. See also Maps to from Panama

The picture above on the left is the wall of the stadium just a couple blocks after the Trecel Station in town.  Turn left.  The picture above on the right is the view coming from Bocas, you can see the stadium inn the background and the blue wall turn right just before the wall.  Then follow the road to the canyon.  There are also good hiking trails in the park.

Above left picture a guest jumping into the canyon.  You also can walk down to where the boys are and slip into the water.

You then float down the canyon until you get to the submerged rock

Below people are sitting in the water on a huge rock easy to get out. The canyon is often crowded on weekends.