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Do I need a car?  If you wish to take advantage of all the things the area has to offer, we recommend renting a car.  Buses travel on the main roads and to the centers of the towns.

How far is Boquete?  Boquete is approximately 25 minutes away by car from the front gate.

How do I get to your BnB?  There are full directions on our website.  If arriving in David, either by bus or plane, I recommend you come either by taxi or rent a car.  Taxi is $25 to $30 each way.

Are there restaurants close by? The little community of Caldera has one very nice Panamanian restaurant.  Most of the other numerous restaurants are in Boquete or David.

Where can I shop for groceries?  The store in Caldera has some essentials such as soft drinks and water.  The supermarkets and vegetable markets are located in Boquete and David.

Will I have to share a bathroom?  There is a private bathroom serving the guest suite.

Will there be a television?  No but there is a DVD movie theater 10ft screen

Is wireless internet available?  Yes Free WiFi internet is available.

Is smoking permitted?  We are a non smoking; however, downwind outside is OK

How will my room be furnished?  One room has a king bed,, night stands, love seat, ceiling fan and an air conditioner.  The other room with queen bed has a bedside tables, chair and ceiling fan.

Will I have to interact with other guests?  The only guests that will be here are those in your party.

Do you have pets?  Most of our guests enjoy our 3 friendly dogs.  There are also 7 friendly cows and 2 horses, that love to be petted and even some chickens that like to be petted.

Can I have use of the kitchen for cooking?  For those of you that wish to cook, the kitchen is available.

How many guests can you accommodate?  We have 2 rooms each with one bed.  We have room for 4 people -  2 in each guest room.

What can I expect to be served for breakfast?  We vary the breakfast menus.  They include the following:   Eggs, waffles, pancakes, gourmet oatmeal, granola cereal or our version  of “egg McMuffin", a serving of fruit and coffee.

Are children welcome? Yes, one or two Children are welcome to share a room.  The charge is $10 each per night.

What should we bring to wear?  Shorts, cool tops, sandal and walking shoes are the standard vacation dress. At night slacks or jeans for Boquete restaurants and a wrap because it can be quite cool.

Are you near the hot springs?  Yes, it is a 3km walk or you can drive almost there. See Activities above.