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Coming from Santiago toward David you will come to a small town called Chiriqui.  There are two Delta Stations on this corner. A two story one and then accross the street a smaller one.  You want to make a Right Turn between the stations you are going to Gualaca.  This will save you about 40 min and is a pretty drive.

YOU MUST LEAVE SANTIAGO by 1pm to arrive before we close.

You must leave Panama City by 9am.

The second turn is in the town of Gualace. Take the left Y then at the dead end TURN LEFT, do not follow the highlighted road, it goes to Bocas del Toro

You will go through ;very pretty farm cattle land, then you will cross a dam, be carefull the speed bumps will take out the bottom of your car. Stop just before the bump and go very slowly over it.

The road will again dead end turn right into Caldera, follow the directrions on this map CLICK HERE

GPS Corodinates

Latitude, Longitude: 8.67379384434346, -82.36793518066406