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We can pick you up in David at the bus terminal, there is a $35 charge to do so. However, it includes a mini tour of David and stops for shopping any place you want :-) If you want to be picked up, you will have to call me when you get on the bus and call again when the bus gets to Santiago.  The bus will stop there  for 30 minutes. It is the only stop. There are still pay phones in Panama ($0.25)

The buses leave from the bus station at Albrook Mall. There are two bus lines you only want to take the bus line called Terminales David - Panama. The other line is really really bad!.   Terminales leaves about every hour, if you catch the 9am or 10am bus it will be perfect timing for getting here.   you can not buy tickets in advance (same day only). That should not be a problem. Plan on arriving at least 45 minutes before your bus is scheduled to leave. The baggage guys will try to take you to the other bus line as they are paid by them.   The ticket windows are in little groups of about 5 or 6 windows.  The Teminales window is on the right at the end corner of the group of David windows.  (The not recommended company is near the middle).

Once in David you can easily switch to the bus to Caldera;  we can pick you up as mentioned above for $35; or you can take a cab to Caldera for $25-$30. We will pick you up at the “You” Grocery store in Caldera for free.  If you will be taking the Caldera bus, be sure to take a screen shot of our gate from the Photo Map on our web site to show to the driver.   Also, tell driver you are going to Maque across the road from the home of Antonio Vejerano. 

If you are renting a car and arrive before 5pm, you can have a cab take you directly to Cowboy Dave’s for about $20.

Below is a picture of typical bus.