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Above is a panoroma of one of the garden pond at Finca Dracula and a few of the orchids below.

Above is the 4th canyon on the way to Cuesta de la Piedra.  The black car is parked on the wrong side of the road in front of the only chain link fence on the road from Potrerillos to Cuesta de la Piedra.  The bridge hides and incredible canyon.   Below are pictures of Guadalupe where the Finca Dracula is located.  Unfortunately, it is currently closed.   At the bottom of this page are pictures of the canyon above.   Click HERE to see the Canyon

First picture is coming from Cero Punta into Guadelupe turn right (shown) and Quetzal Lodge is just a little way.  Second picture above is coming from short cut from Volcan.  The road on the right is the road in the first picture.  Going straight a little ways and the Quetzal Logde will be on the left.  Keep going straigth see pictures below.

The fist picture has a church on the left and you take the dirt road on the right.  The second picture is from the dirt road and you turn left at the T

Below is pitures looking down into the Canyon Macho de Monte