1. This is the "Y"in front of the Argentinian restaurant La Posada Boquetena. Going to the right gotakes you to the Panamonte Hotel.  Enjoy a drink in their incredible bar with fireplaces.  It is also an excellent place for a special dinner.

2. Cafe Ruiz and next door is the wonderful Mi Jardin Su Jardin garden and cafe, free admission, but do stop and have a snack the restaurant is very good.

3. Take the "Y" to the left.  Right does the Palo Alto loop nice houses and the el Pinanista restaurant plus Cafe Princesa Jance and coffee farm with tours. It is also where you will find the Sendero del Pinanista hiking trail.

4. Take the right side of the "Y" here, the views are much better driving the loop this way.

5. An unusual basalt rock formation caused by volcanic activity.  This formation is one of only a few in the world.  It takes a lot of pressure and high heat to create basalt crystals.  Great rock climbing here.

6. Go left here small road. The big road right goes up a very steep hill and dead ends.

7. Stop at this little water fall on the right.  The 360 degree view of the canyon and river is really pretty here.

8.  This is the Bajo Mono intersection. Going up the paved road (right turn tiny bridge) takes you to the beginnning of the quetzal trail 9. The drive is very pretty and really worth the trip (15 min).

CAUTION:   Lost Water Falls - highly advertised.  Guests have reported it is a difficult climb and the falls are not much to see in summer.  Not worth the $5 fee.

9. Road to Quetzal trail

10. This is the Pipeline trail, $3 - mostly flat. Get the guide. He will show you tons of stuff - pretty waterfall at the end. Recommended.

11.  The correct location of Finca Lerida, pretty coffee farm, BnB, lovely gardens, but expensive restaurant.

12. The Rock Restaurant, really really good food, $12 to $25 main courses. Very pretty.  Go early to see it in the day light. Also very nice for lunch. Closed Tuesdays.

13. Jardin Encantado - often serves expensive Sunday brunch.  Nice garden with animals.

14.Cafe - Drive is pretty with many expensive houses to see.

15. El Exploradora really unique take the walking stick they offer.


Rock Formation at #5                                                    Water Fall at #7                     River along the way

# 8 Important turns...Left will take you to the top of the canyon back to Boquete.  Straight ahead is the Pipeline Trail $3, easy get the guide, it is fun, the water fall is past where you think the trail ends.  Right turn takes you to Volcan Baru National Park and the Quetzales Trail to Cerro Punta.  It is a very pretty drive to the ranger station well worth it.  You will see signs for the Lost Water Falls, they can be pretty in rainy season.  it is a difficult trail and expensive. The people are friendly.

The Ranger Station at the park - fun to explore.  And a canyon river shot.